The “made in Italy” outfit for travelling: easy-iron jackets and shirts


Being on the move has always been a complicated business when it’s a question of choosing clothes to wear. During long journeys by plane or train, you need to find the right compromise between practicality, comfort and elegance. This is why, when selecting Italian-made shirts, jackets and moccasins, it’s important to follow a few rules to be able to travel in comfort, without having to give up on a real businessman’s style.

A jacket, the essential travelling companion

A comfortable jacket is an indispensable classic for travel wear: it’s an important ally against sudden changes in temperature and always lends a touch of elegance. Of course, the perfect travel jacket must have several pockets, where you can keep your wallet, cellphone and everything you might need during the trip. In addition, it must be fairly lightweight and easy to handle, so that it can be carried around without getting spoiled by lots of creases that are difficult to remove.

Moccasins and lightweight trousers

On your feet, you need to have comfortable shoes that are easy to slip off: moccasins are the right accessory for travelling comfortably and maintaining a smart appearance at the same time. And for the choice of trousers, cotton is the right option, as it can be washed frequently and combined easily with other things. If you are travelling during the hot summer months, cool wool is a valid alternative: it’s lightweight, it doesn’t crease and is very comfortable on long trips.

Wrinkle-free shirts

The type of shirt we’d advise you to wear while travelling is the Xacus Travel Shirt, specially designed for the needs of the most discerning traveller – the one who loves to look impeccable on every occasion, even after several hours spent between gates and aeroplanes.

Top-of-the-range, 100% cotton transformed into double-twisted yarns keep the fabrics breathable, bright and soft to the touch. This is the shirt for the person who’s always on the move; it’s easy to maintain, simple to iron and remains impeccable and wrinkle-free from early morning right up to the evening.

The Xacus Travel Shirt is the true easy-care shirt, a perfect combination of practicality and style, to make you feel always neat and at ease without giving up on elegance.

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