Are you ready to leave for the vacations you have been waiting for? Packing the right items to make sure you are ready for everything is not always easy, but every destination has its must-have looks that have the power to put us at ease and find the perfect fit with the surroundings we are in. The important thing to remember is to always carry a bit of imagination and make each of your outfits versatile and personal.

Sailing trips, cocktail parties or dinners by the sea, as well as, getting lost in the most beautiful European cities, the secret is the right shirt, easy to fit with linen pants, cargo, bermuda shorts, hats and cool accessories, for a light luggage thought for the desired destination. 

For those who want to forget their shoes and experience the beach all day long across sailing experiences and evocative sunsets on the beach, striped shirts or shirts in marine shades on linen fabrics are the answer for a cool but relaxed look and an all-day comfortable feeling. To be worn with sailor bermudas or linen pants with imperceptible finishes in classic shades of white and ivory, a raffia hat making the skin and spirit incredibly light: let the vacations begin.

Among the most popular destinations of this hot and sultry season, mountain locations gift you with nature reconnection through long relaxing walks or stimulating hiking trails for those who feel more athletic. Then yes, high-heights style finds new meeting points between aesthetics and functionalism. The military shirt in yarn-dyed cotton gabardine, with its patch pockets, restores value to this iconic garment with its unmistakable khaki and army green colors. You feel at ease among trails, streams and waterfalls, with comfortable cargo Bermuda shorts and your favorite hiking shoes.    


Metropolitan style, in a well-balanced mix of elegance and creativity, is best suited for art lovers. Camera, comfortable shoes and, the absolute star, the all-over print shirt, as vibrant and sophisticated as an artist's canvas from the early 1900s. Digital prints and abstract patterns that seem to be hand-painted, burst with personality and conquer all generations. In poplin with Liberty Of London's exclusive prints or in cool breathable cotton muslin with graphic elements evoking tribal arts, perfect for warmer days.

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