The new active shirts see an invasion of stripes and micropatterns


A brand new vision from classic menswear has come to the world of shirts, which now sees the creation of an evolved composition, using a fabric that is comfier, more breathable and more elastic than classic fibres.

This is a specific Japanese process using a yarn that is able to achieve greater elasticity, leaving the visual effect of a classic cotton shirt unchanged, with the plus points of breathability and greater room to move. Comfort is back in demand and no longer seen as an option. Today’s men and women want clothes they can identify with when it comes to practical wear and superior quality, which translates as a perfect mix of high-impact aesthetics and a series of benefits that are tied to increasingly painstaking tech research, like how to achieve a crease-free look for shirts after a hard day’s work or even a long journey. Men’s and women’s shirts have passed the new frontier of luxury, thanks to new, even lighter and more breathable fabrics that make the active shirt a lightweight garment that not only feels great on the skin, it has also been designed to wick away moisture and therefore, always to feel fresh.


An authentic revolution that also includes respect for the environment throughout the production cycle. How? By using clean electricity to cut CO2 emissions, and minimising water waste: this means just 50 litres of water are needed to make an Active shirt against the 2700 to make a shirt in cotton.

An ever-increasing variety of proposals have been added to this revolutionary yarn, which is suited above all to managers who are always on the move. An item that, thanks to its extremely breathable fabric that offers 360° stretch, is a valid contribution to stress reduction at the end of the day, above all in those periods that need the utmost effort, packed with business trips and meetings. Active shirt is the shirt that is with you but you don’t feel it on your skin, while it keeps you looking immaculate and crease free. A perfect ally for this particular period, where the economic recovery is putting our working days under some serious pressure.

Broad-striped shirts, known in the trade as “Bengal” and narrow stripes, plus houndstooth, micro prints and an innovative melange print. There are so many combinations of when it comes to the colours and models dedicated to the Active shirt. It’s an item that continues to meet with increasing success, not only with men, but also with women, because it successfully combines the tailored shapes and details of a quality shirt with the practical wear and super comfort of Active fabric.

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