The new XACUS shirts in the FW 21-22 woman’s collection


The world of women’s shirts for the fall-winter 2021 season opens up to a universe of unusual prints: from the more innovative, digitally-produced prints, with blurred accents reproducing marine colours, to stripes, more frequently found on Parisian-style blouses, famous for their pussybow (the characteristic bow tied at the neck) and distinguished by a more romantic and decidedly feminine flavour, or for the voile fabrics that mould the figure from waist to shoulders, which they emphasise with their volume. In other cases, they rows of ruffles are on display, perfectly aligned with the button placket or on low necklines, on the trim of a mandarin collar or on cuffs. Whatever the look, shirts with voile and ruffles are again taking centre stage on the pages of women’s magazines, where they can also  found cow-girl style, paired with flared jeans, leather ankle-boots and a double-buckle western belt, in an irresistible mix of daring and femininity.


Among micro-patterns and more explosive prints – characterised by more flamboyant designs with a painted effect – the floral shirt has lasted the longest, overcoming seasonal limits (in the men’s collection, too) and also gaining ground in the proposals for this fall; this marks a positive new phase in history and, as always, influences the taste and customs of an era. And at its most daring – with an extended variety of colours and patterns – female elegance reaches its most expressive moment; among highly complex floral motifs reminiscent of top-quality jacquard fabrics, a tulip texture that appears to be in watercolours, and new shades of red for the flowers that accompany the first leaves in warm autumn tones, announcing that the key foliage of women’s fashions is just around the corner.
Maxi shirtdresses, too, with their long, full skirts and belts worn tight at the waist add a feminine style and rhythm to every step, complete with 70s-style geometric abstracts. Two-tone optical blouses have been restyled to scream personality and open the way to a bolder elegance. We’re back to the right state of mind, after a year of waiting to be able to make sure we look good  –  a further reason to pair blouses with jeans or long palazzo pants and a lovely pair of heels and to wear them with pride.


This collection, dedicated to the dynamic woman, is all about comfort and freedom, in a soft colour palette, inspired by earthy shades, on fine corduroy shirts. The theme is that of the boyfriend shirt, with large volumes and patch pockets, reminding us of the shirts stolen from his wardrobe, but with shoulders and arms suited to a feminine fit. The same volumes and large pockets are also to be found on the denim shirt; with its waist-hugging belt, in broad terms, it recalls the image of the safari-jacket and the free, unfathomable femininity of a woman who is her own boss, able to translate her own needs into a wardrobe selected for its elegant practicality – qualities also represented in the midi-dress version with the same large pockets as the shirts, in corduroy, denim or flannel.

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