The return of the pink shirt: how to combine it with any outfit


Whether it’s refined and delicate in pastel shades, decisive and rock’n’roll in fluorescent tones, or elegant and impeccable as in the “candy” shade, pink is always an excellent choice when it’s a case of matching a shirt to create a look that makes a statement. For those who are great fans of this colour, the season has finally arrived for the long-awaited return of pink: fashion is giving well-deserved prominence to this colour with its infinite possibilities – a colour that has too often been relegated to exclusively female clothing over the years. But this is completely wrong: a men’s pink shirt is a garment able to express personality and elegance, creating a look that’s sophisticated and, at the same time, full of character. Depending on the type of trousers or suit, pink can be impeccably integrated with different styles and outfits thanks to its infinite colour nuances.

Office daywear

We start with an elegant look, but one that’s appropriate at the same time for your daily routine: a pink shirt, in fact, is perfect for long days working in the office. The appearance of traditional Oxford fabric is softened by fluffy shades of pink. During the long summer days, combining it with beige trousers gives a sense of freshness and breaks up the monotony of those never-ending sessions in front of the computer.

For a casual look

To create a casual outfit that still has a touch of chic, a pink shirt adapts perfectly to classic, dark-blue jeans. And it’s open season for linen, the material that should never be absent from a man’s wardrobe, especially for cool summer evenings. Soft and sophisticated, a pink linen shirt lends a touch of elegance to an informal style.

Chic and unconventional

It’s on more formal occasions, however, that pink shows all its versatility, especially in its more uncommon shades. For example, a shirt with a semi-French collar in poplin creates a particularly smooth, silky garment, and combining it with a suit in blue and grey shades, to be worn with a tie or with a waistcoat, is the perfect outfit for the refined, classy man who wants to stand out with a style that’s unexpected and very effective.


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