The Saharan shirt, the coolest of the men’s summer shirts


Just pronouncing the word is enough to make one think of wide open spaces, where the sun beats down and one breathes the charm of a bygone era and the adrenaline of a safari. The Saharan is the coolest of the men’s summer shirts, one of the most classic pieces of a man’s wardrobe, casual, elegant and ideal for hot days. Rendered iconic by Hemingway and worn numerous times by the actor Roger Moore in the shoes of James Bond, the Saharan shirt was originally a drill cotton jacket with a belt and tabs, and four pockets with flaps. Over time, the fashion world has produced a man’s shirt version, also known as a bush shirt, a much lighter garment and perfect for wearing in direct contact with the skin.

Our Saharan shirt is modern, soft and unstructured, has long sleeves and a traditional straight-point collar with five millimetre topstitching. The front buttoning has the characteristic pleat box, providing a sporty touch. The distinctive feature of the Saharan shirt is the double breast pocket with pleats and a flap, which sports shirts often have, reviving an exotic, colonial style with an adventurous feel. In fact, the distinguishing feature is precisely these pockets, often used for important items, essential for survival.

The green khaki colour recalls the African savannah. The Xacus Saharan shirt is made of poplin treated with the special Old Storms garment dyeing technique, a special washing process that gives the garment a lived-in almost vintage colour and makes the cotton even more fresh and lightweight, ideal for the warmer seasons. This type of men’s shirt mixes British colonial style with an urban feel. It is, therefore, an excellent garment to be worn as is, without too many extras or accessories. Teamed with light coloured, comfortable Capri pants, or a pair of long loose fitting trousers with front darts. White or cream linen trousers could be worn with a pair of leather or cloth lace-ups. The sporty-chic, almost shabby look of the Saharan shirt is irresistibly charming.

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