The shop windows with Xacus shirts: Sear’s


A fiery passion sets it apart from the crowd: the store in question is Sear’s, located just a few steps from Ponte degli Alpini in Bassano del Grappa. A passion invested in the quest for the perfect outfit, that exclusive combination of men’s clothing that comes together and presents itself as the perfect embodiment of harmony for the man who wears it.
This strong sentiment is the driving force that motivates Mario Bonamigo, the store owner, whose choice of the brands he hand-picks for his customers never errs on the side of the banal, and these also include Xacus shirts. When it comes to passion and the pursuit of a new style, you can always count us in! And there’s more: Sear’s is also honoured to have received a mention in the international volume Raw Bible, created by Makers Bible.

When entering Sear’s, you are inevitably struck by the Vintage Chic feel created by the warmth of its wooden decor. Established in 1993, based on the idea of a close group of friends, the point of sale offered matching clothes that could be combined to form outfits, in line with the taste of Mario, the owner, who is today surrounded by an excellent team. Passion is the common denominator: the element that unites the staff, all of whom continuously strive to find a particular, truly unique style in how the garments are combined, rather than in the trends of the moment.
Selected with meticulous care and attention, the washed and stretch Xacus shirts are matched with jackets and trousers to breathe life into a series of special outfits. Mario Bonamigo has no doubts: it is essential to play a team game with companies and, most of all, with his own workers. This is how he creates the kind of partnership that doesn’t slam the brakes on creativity, instead releasing the passion that always creates brand new styles, allowing it to express itself.

Here are the brand new, distinctive combinations created by Sear’s for Autumn Winter 2017/2018. The fil rouge is flannel in several very distinctive variants that create three garments of the Beluga Washed line. Flannel joins forces with linen in the yellow and grey melange checked shirt, and with indigo in the white shirt with geometric print. Finally, flannel combines with cotton and wool blend in the shirt with floral print on a grey background. Three perfect shirts for that period between the seasons, which Sear’s matches with the denim waistcoat, so that they can be worn without a pullover.
These outfits are the perfect statement pieces embodying the spirit of the Bassano store, as they convey top quality, elegance and creativity. Three values that not only characterise Sear’s, but the philosophy all of us here at Xacus too.

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