The style of Roger Moore: British elegance for 007.


The figure of Roger Moore is synonymous with style and an elegance that goes well beyond the dictates of fashion, but seems to be an innate characteristic, a distinctive feature that has made him an icon for everybody. When we think of Roger Moore, we immediately imagine Savile Row, the London street of the best-known tailoring workshops, and the high-class cigar clubs and Martini cocktails, the Aston Martin DB, right down to beautiful women and, obviously, James Bond.

Born in 1927 in London, after his studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts he began his career working as a model for some fashion brands and acting in several films and TV series, including “The Saint” which would open the doors to success for him thanks to his role as the gentleman-thief Simon Templar; the culmination of his career, however, was to be his 7-times role as the most famous secret agent in the world.


Second only to Sean Connery in fame, Roger Moore is remembered as James Bond from the style point of view, for introducing jacket-and-trouser combinations with wide-legged trousers and jackets in shades of grey, brown, khaki or olive, with flared contours, wide shoulders and sloping front pockets.

One of the trademarks of the Moore style was surely the white shirt with rounded, turned-up cuffs closed with cuff-links on the model of the evening shirt, usually combined with jackets with a button placed low down, in blue and grey shades for metropolitan scenes and in lighter shades for more exotic scenes.


Unforgettable in black-tie evening dress, Roger Moore has always represented the English gentleman who stands out for his sober tailored elegance and his unique style, which he embodied both on and off the screen. A true gentleman, he became a Unicef goodwill ambassador in 1990, fighting for the rights of the child and working as promoter for various awareness campaigns. In 2003 he was appointed Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE) by Queen Elizabeth II, thus acquiring his title of “Sir”.

He passed away in 2017, but Roger Moore has become a permanent fixture of European culture and style, thanks to his class and his smile that he paraded like a very elegant dinner jacket.


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