The “très chic” charm and the basic look of Vincent Cassel


We’re dedicating this month’s Icone di stile column to one of the best-loved French actors in the global film world and, perhaps, the most envied of men because of his historic relationship with the Italian beauty icon Monica Bellucci. We’re talking, of course, about Vincent Cassel, an artist who, as he approaches 53 years of age, still rides the wave of his cinema success thanks to his interpretation of strong, unscrupulous and violent characters, but also to his typical grin and his timeless, chic French charm.

In fashion, too, Vincent stands out for his fresh, modern style, sporting both in his private life and on set a basic look comprising simple elements and accessories but combined in a way that is always impeccable: men’s shirts, jackets, coats and hats and lots of other garments carefully chosen for the occasion.

At the 2011 Venice Biennale, for example, he wore an outfit in navy blue shades comprising chino trousers and a shirt with an open collar worn under a V-necked sweater with rolled-up sleeves; completing the whole was a pair of white sneakers, giving a cheeky, sporty touch.

For the presentation of the film The Monk (again in that same year) he chose oversize, ground-length grey trousers, again combined with black sports shoes, white shirt and fitted jumper to balance the silhouette.

Vincent is also a fan of the shabby chic look, with its glamorous, retro flavour which he loves to display on summer days: one of his favourite garments is a mandarin collar shirt, fresh and light and worn open-necked. Two other iconic garments in the French actor’s wardrobe are a parka and a beige trench-coat. The park originated as a jacket for leisurewear, but today it’s perfect for all occasions. Vincent is well aware of this: he doesn’t hesitate to combine it with baggy jeans, brown leather belt, man’s shirt and plain-coloured sweater. The trench, on the other hand, has been a cult garment for whole generations, and turned into a style symbol by Hollywood actors: Cassel gets it just right by choosing the classic beige version, over a total-black outfit.

So simplicity and essentiality are operative words for his fashion choices, driven by real elegance that needs no superfluous ornaments to be memorable.

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