The urban chic woman wears a Marta velvet shirt


The corduroy conjures up the snow-covered mountain tops we see as we sit by the fireside in our chalet: this is the Marta velvet shirt, the garment chosen to beat all the woes of the cold season for the woman who wears it with comfort and elegance.

Generally considered a sporty fabric because of the clearly visible raised texture, the velvet in the Xacus Heritage collection breaks all the rules, first of all those of style and modern fashion. The Xacus woman’s velvet shirt, particularly in the corduroy version, is a garment with an undeniable vintage flavour: the woman who chooses to wear it in this updated revival takes a dip into the past and comes out in the present, more elegant and refined than ever.

Velvet also fulfils the style requirements of the urban chic woman with its colours, consistencies and volumes: from the classy fabric tones to the lightweight material, and right down to a trendy overshirt for a soft, loose fit, every element in this woman’s shirt speaks to a femininity in search of independence and originality.

With its in-built versatility, the Marta velvet shirt combines well with smoother textures, such as cotton or flannel, which offset and highlight the natural conformation of its ribbed structure. Wear it tucked into a pair of tartan trousers for a comfy, casual look suitable for all those informal occasions, such as a get-together with friends, in which you don’t want to lose sight of either comfort or style. But when you want to stand out, match the simple lines of the corduroy with the oversize volumes of high-waisted palazzo pants. Vary your accessories – from high-class drop ear-rings to a hairband or a floaty scarf – with coordinating colours or with red and green shades that enhance the essence of this Xacus woman’s shirt.

If the idea of bringing retro charm into your frenetic city life appeals, the Marta velvet shirt will figure in the outfit made-to-measure for you: it offers a way to both stay in tune with the past and concentrate on the future, with style, grace and elegance.

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