The warm, super trendy flannel shirt


The catwalks and the latest trade shows have spoken. Loud and clear. The  flannel shirt, soft to the touch, reassuringly thick and extremely cool, thanks to its endless checks and melange colourways, is back on the market as this season’s on-trend piece, for both men and women.
The flannel shirt has always been identified as workwear, in typically male environments dedicated to manual work – it's no coincidence that it has often been referred to as the lumberjack shirt. Now it is in the spotlight as the key piece for on-trend looks, mixed with metropolitan outfits, leather trousers, in an echo of the Brit pop culture that used to see it crop up all the time in the style choices of rock group frontmen, worn open over a white T-shirt.

This fabric, which is ideal for the colder months, is made from different fibre mixes, including wool, cotton, or cashmere, which give it its soft look, featuring a superfine fluff that adds its cosy charm, while still looking ultra-elegant in a range of different patterns and colours, like in a painting, with new types of material and nuanced effects made by the bolder manufacturers.
Maybe it is the clearer need for us, in this post-pandemic period, to wear more practical, comfier clothing that in some work environments can even fit well with a business look, if the wearer has a certain creative flair, above all on casual Friday, or perfectly with a wool or velvet blazer.
The latest catwalk shows saw the check shirt back in the spotlight at the start of Milan fashion week, with Dsquared2 and its travel and free time theme launch using layered items, fabrics and colours. Check shirts are back out on the catwalk, together with sweaters with a Tibetan feel, ponchos, trekking shoes, down jackets and backpacks, dressing the man who goes back to being a world citizen as soon as he’s out of the door.

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