The women’s shirt with its fit and twines in the Xacus SS 2018 collection


A transversal wardrobe where, each day, a woman can decide who to be, selecting garments and accessories that will represent and enhance her personality. Even with a few items. Remove, break down to the basics and find the perfect elegance for any occasion. The women’s Xacus SS collection stems from these values. The women's shirt is central to this as it becomes the key element in a changing stylistic alchemy, capable of ranging from city style to the splendour of a more neglected beauty.

The search for a more unusual fabric, with a palette of colours inspired by nature. Shades of emerald green, lemon yellow and turquoise triumph in the silk with floral colours. Reflections and nuances more linked to the earth, on the other hand, find their identity in ancient fabrics, like the shantung, deriving from Chinese wild silk.

The prints reflect a multi-faceted polyhedral style: from the romantic mood of flowers, to the exotic reverberations of the flamingo and giraffe, right up to the summer pineapple and irreverent cactus.

The women's shirt in the new collection adapts itself and is continually reinterpreted in its role: as a protagonist when worn as a dress in various lengths, as part of an outfit with tunics that can be matched with trousers with different prints, or when it is worn as a coat and declines itself in poncho and sailor's jacket. To complete the outfit, Xacus proposes linen and silk trousers, the same fabrics chosen for the women's shirt. Lastly, room is given over to floating gauze strips, linens with wide weaves, maxi jacquard, basketweave effect fabrics, prints on crisp cottons with geometrical patterns and floating viscose with audacious lively coloured prints.

The woman in the Xacus collection is decisive, resilient, a woman who knows how to choose and knows how to build a sophisticated appearance and minimalist elegance around a few items, an elegance that needs no frills or ornaments but gets straight to the point.

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