The Xacus active shirt is back with stripes and prints for the Spring-Summer 2022


The active shirt - Xacus’ product of excellence and the most popular choice among men and women for its freshness and practicality - is back this season with new summer-inspired patterns and colours ready to revive your wardrobe in line with SS22 trends. 
The exclusive Japanese processing, the only one that allows obtaining a super breathable fabric that stretches and is barely perceivable on the skin, this month introduces itself with a new style combined with innovative and exclusive processing techniques to give life to a superior quality shirt while maintaining the great value of being a sustainable fibre whose production minimises the waste of water.


The novelty of the season is the yarn-dyed shirt on active fabric. This exclusive Xacus treatment allows the fabric to maintain its colour even over time without ever fading because of the wearing down of the fibre. Sky blue is the leading colour that brings the season to a great start, featuring thin stripes in the three shades of sky blue, from the lightest to the most intense, up to the iconic royal blue and including also a thick striped and very trendy shirt available in a versatile business and casual version with semi-soft French collar. This model allows customising your style depending on the occasion thanks to the comfort of an active shirt with bright blue that fits perfectly with  mismatched jacket & pants, under a traditional blazer, or as a refined yet casual style with a chino and a sweater over the shoulders, ideal for a lunch outdoors over the weekend. 
But the Xacus striped shirts are many - just like stripe fans - including an ultra-thin “millerighe” model that reveals all Xacus’ savoir-faire through a high-precision print in both light blue and navy blue versions.
The collection offers stripes in all sizes and variants and new shirts with floral prints, indeed the most representative of a fresh and spring mood. This lively weave, certainly contemporary with its small French collar, follows the theme of blue in its various shades, “contaminated” by powder and brick coloured details following a botanical inspiration that stands out for its quiet refinement.

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