This spring's man is wearing denim shirt


It’s the midseason, between winter and spring. Shirts are becoming lighter, colours are brighter and there is room for new, cool motifs.

For March, Xacus recommends a men’s shirt that brings together elegance and carefree style; a shirt that’s all about the imminent arrival of the much-awaited warmer season.
An on-trend striped denim shirt, in line with the very latest looks, featuring the same treatments used on the Beluga Washed line, which give each and every item its unmistakable vintage-chic style. The shirt has a spread collar and comes in a custom tailor fit that is perfect for any occasion and figure-hugging to the right extent, making it ideal for this season’s new styles with their nod to oversized fits.
The stripes are in jacquard with tiny geometric patterns created in indigo threads. The colour tones that create the patterns – from bluette through to just a hint of sky blue, melange and indigo, create a cool, relaxing palette.

Details and simplicity have come together to create the ideal men’s shirt for mid-season wear, emphasising bold style when worn over indigo pants with darts or even with a classic denim.

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