This winter’s coolest colours.


According to the experts from the Pantone Color Institute, the colours for the next FW 2020/21 season will reflect our desire for a strong palette with colours that are full of meaning, a range of tones with a Brit feel, for durable, timeless versatility. Colours that express positivity, creativity and confidence when we are experiencing such a complex period at global level.

Earth hues.

The most important new aspect for the season’s colour trends concerns the warmer shades, and in particular, different earth tones: from sand to limestone white, burnt earth to woodland greens and on to the ochre yellows of the desert. Among the brick reds - which tend more towards burnt brown rather than the classic winter bordeaux, we find a range of proposals in the collections for  men - like this splendid Liberty of London shirt with elegant pattern - and women, like this Active shirt with its characteristic floral pattern and high collar. Greens feature massively this season, from deeper shades, such as on this  elegant flannel shirt dress, to the brighter tones of this  patterned shirt in Twill with a vintage flavour, contrasting with cream and deep red. Yellow, a symbol of cool elegance, is used in both brighter tones, like this check flannel shirt that contrasts with a deep grey and white, to the more intense shades of ochre, seen on this refined women’s shirt in silk with a wide pointed collar and patch pockets with flap.

All the shades of blue.

Blues are bang on trend for this year, especially the Classic Blue that conveys a sense of protection, highlighting the need for a stable, reliable base to start from, and Ocean Blue, which features a high percentage of red, with the ability to convey great vitality and brilliance. Blues are the absolute must have when it comes to shirts, and we find them throughout the men’s Business collection, such as on this elegant micro patterned shirt with geometric pattern in soft poplin, but also in more casual versions, such as this  flannel shirt with gingham check that can even be worn over a t-shirt for a sportier feel. Blue also features a great deal in our women’s collection, like this micro patterned shirt with polka dots, and a classic shape with cutaway collar, or this oversized denim shirt with bowling design and large collar for a relaxed fit.


Now all you need to do is fill up on your favourite colours from our e-shop!

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