Using a shirt with pocket, from comfort to appearance


Shirt with or without a pocket? Sometimes, when choosing this item of clothing, we ask ourselves which is the better option for the outfit we are creating. We often lose sight of the practicality of this detail and the reason why it was created.

Indeed, up until the 1900s, there was no such thing as a man’s shirt with pocket. As well as trouser pockets and those in a jacket, one could rely on the waistcoat pocket, an essential item of clothing back then. This is precisely why, with the disappearance of the latter, pockets began to be sewn onto shirts. Their creation stemmed from a need and so pockets soon became the details that distinguished a work shirt from a formal one. In fact, small items can be kept in them like pens and business cards, as well as cigarettes and tissues.

The shirt with pocket is, therefore, ideal for informal outfits and for the office. The only important thing is not too fill it too full as this will ruin the shape of the pocket and appearance of the outfit. Furthermore, you can choose a shirt without pocket if you wear a jacket because, from a practical point of view, you can use the inside pocket of the jacket to keep things.
Numerous elegant and formal shirts have a pocket: in these cases, bear in mind that the latter is always a casual detail and, as a result, should be worn when there is a need to give a fresher, more sporting look to an outfit that may appear to be “too” elegant. This is why the shirt with pocket and tie should never be worn together as these two details clash too much with one another. Lastly, an elegant shirt with pocket can be used on special work occasions that call for a formal touch together with the practicality of a pocket.

From the moment that the pocket is also a fashion detail, as well as a practical one, there are different kinds of pockets that can be applied to the shirt. The simplest ones are available with square, blunt or rounded lower corners. The pockets in these three shapes can all have a flap, that generally picks up the lines of the corners. The flaps can be smooth or with a button. There are also internal pockets ideal for those who do not wish them to be too obvious, pockets with zip, folded pockets and those designed with double stitching, that is even more resistant.

The choice of wearing a shirt with or without a pocket can make all the difference: this detail can give a different imprint to the style of your outfit, or may prove useful in certain situations for keeping small items.

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