Velvet, the star of shirt fabrics for the winter of 2018


Velvet is a noble fabric capable of evoking past eras, and is once again the star of recent autumn-winter collections. Its history started around the XIII century in the East, then spread to Europe and especially to Italy thanks to continuous trade. From Venice to Palermo and Amalfi, Genoa and Florence, in the following centuries velvet began to arouse interest and be produced in many Italian cotton mills but it was only in the Renaissance period that it was enriched with decorations and precious brocades, and became a symbol of wealth and nobility.

There are many types, for example plain smooth velvet, shaved and dense on the right side, curly velour, which has a series of raised rings, or printed velvet with special prints and designs. Lastly we have corduroy, which as the name implies has cords that can be fine, medium or wide, from 500 to 2000 cords (the higher the number, the thinner the cords). Velvet is used for many garments, and is a perfect shirt fabric

Some models are made in lightweight ribbed velvet with flower prints. For other shirts in this collection garment dyed corduroy has been used, a double dyeing process that makes the velvet shirt soft and gives it a vintage look. Velvet is used as a fabric for women’s blouses: the charm of printed velvet, ribbed velvet and crushed velvet in harmonious shades of blue, green and orange give life to elegant, comfortable garments to be worn at any time of the day.

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