Welcome to the new season: 5 types of man’s shirt perfect for autumn


It’s October and the time to set aside our summer wardrobe has arrived: the really hot weather is now over and in the mornings it’s starting to feel cool in the office, but the sun still warms us and so we need to find outfits suitable for days when temperatures fluctuate. We still have the half-seasons of spring and autumn, in fact, so here’s some useful advice to move smoothly from lightweight cotton to padded clothes gradually and always with great style and elegance.


Heritage shirts, for a style that does not go unnoticed

We take a dip into the past, into the tradition of quality and a passion for style that reinvents itself and never goes out of fashion. The shirts in the Heritage range have been produced in a limited edition, inspired by American Outdoor models in full 1950s style. Created in a comfortable Oxford fabric, these shirts are ideal for wearing either on informal occasions, for example, matched with jeans and sneakers, or at more upmarket events where the grey shades go well with more classic trousers and elegant shoes, so you can look impeccable from morning to evening.

Merino Shirts: the technology for a perfect temperature – always

Designed for the man who’s always on the go, the Merino Shirt in the Active collection represents the height of Xacus technology. It was created in collaboration with Reda, masters of “Made in Italy” wool processing, and the fabric protects the body from sudden temperature changes, so it’s ideal to respond to this uncertain weather. Its classic, refined style goes well with trousers in cool wool and classic derby shoes and then, if the day’s forecast is for rain, you just need a light trench-coat and an umbrella and your appearance will be impeccable – always.


Flannel shirts for casual-style warmth 

What could be nicer than a soft fabric to keep you warm, even if it’s quite lightweight, for this autumn weather, full of uncertainty? Flannel is definitely a style choice, thanks to the wide variety of patterns and colours that can give a touch of brightness and vivacity even on those cooler days. To be worn with or without a vest underneath, the checked flannel shirt is a garment that’s going through its second childhood, giving that chic country flavour to every outfit. Perfect in an oversize fit matched with a pair of jeans and boots, the checked shirt is a flexible garment that gives you the chance to play around to find new combinations for a casual look with an American flavour.

Corduroy and patterns for a studied elegance

Corduroy is a very versatile fabric, based on the type of processing: wide ribbed corduroy, with its texture in relief, is more sporty and casual, whereas needlecord, enhanced with prints and patterns, is also ideal for a more elegant, studied look. For those who love marked contrasts, a wide-ribbed corduroy shirt can give the right twist to your wardrobe, and when matched with chino trousers and a pair of sneakers it offers an alternative look with a trendy urban charm. For men who never want to give up on elegance, however, needlecord printed with a floral pattern in light and dark blue colour tones is perfect for matching with a dark blue suit and a pair of Oxford shoes: this is a classic look with a touch of vintage-flavour panache that makes a difference in any context.

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