West Indian Sea Island cotton

A precious choice


West Indian Sea Island cotton, known as “gossypium barbadense” or “black seed”, is one of the world’s most precious cotton varieties. Discovered in the West Indies in the early 18th century, it accounts for 0.0004% of world long staple cotton production and cultivation is currently concentrated in areas that are tropical paradises, where humidity is constant and the dry periods are alternated with rainy seasons. These are: Barbados, Antigua and Jamaica.

What makes this cotton unique is its length, 36/37 millimetres, its surprising strength, and the high percentage of uniformity. It also stands out for the fineness of its fibre and its particular shine.

To these characteristics we can add its incredible ability to look like new after every wash, and therefore, shirts in this cotton are truly made to last. The small difference between day and night-time temperatures means this cotton is never subjected to thermal shock; the result is that the plants grow in a more even, linear fashion, which gives the cotton itself an extremely high quality.

West Indian Sea Island cotton was used to make the poplin for the 200yrs shirt, a limited edition of 1,956 pieces, created to commemorate an important anniversary:  2 centuries of history, all to be celebrated, combining Xacus’ 60 years in the business with the 140 years of Cotonificio Albini to commemorate a passion for quality.  

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