What to wear over a man’s shirt: the best combinations.


A man’s shirt is one of the most versatile and interesting garments for matching, since it combines perfectly with a lot of clothes in a man’s wardrobe. Whether we’re talking about work or leisure time, classic shirts or button-down styles, there are so many types and models covering all the aspects that you want to display in your outfit. The timeless combination is definitely with a jacket or blazer but men’s shirts are perfect when worn with various kinds of fine wool sweaters, too, from more formal ones to casual, sporty ones. Here are some suggestions for impeccable combinations.

Shirt and jacket.

This is the ideal combination for the man who strives for a refined look, and a classic that offers many and varied possibilities depending on the different models of jacket, whether formal and elegant, or more casual and destructured. A shirt can also be combined with a pair of jeans or chino trousers, but the general rule is to choose a neutral-coloured shirt if the jacket is patterned, but if you opt for a patterned shirt, it’s best to wear a plain-coloured jacket in a matching shade.


Shirt and round-necked sweater.

A shirt worn with a round-necked sweater is one of the most popular and successful combinations in men’s outfits, because it adapts both to formal surroundings and to less formal occasions, such as dinner in a restaurant, where it’s always preferable to look neat and smart. The shirt can be a button-down model or a classic Italian collar, taking care that the collar lies inside the round-neck of the sweater.

Shirt and V-necked sweater.

A V-necked sweater, although a classic style, is considered less formal than the round-necked model and looks perfect with a shirt with a small collar, such as an Italian collar. To make this combination even more refined, a tie can be worn, which will add a harmonious touch to the neckline, leaving the right space for any type of knot.


Shirt and cardigan. 

A shirt looks great, too, when worn with a cardigan, meaning a sweater open and buttoned down the front: this simple but elegant garment adapts to many different settings, from the office to a formal event. The best idea is always to choose a plain coloured cardigan and match it with a striped shirt or a shirt with a micro-pattern that reflects the same colour shade. For a more on-trend look, we can also add a slim, fabric tie, always paying attention to the colour matches.

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