When women's shirts become dresses for special occasions


May is not just the month that heralds the start of summer but also one of the “hottest” periods from the point of view of formal occasions, when we celebrate weddings, first communions and confirmations.
Of course, to attend this type of event you need to find the right outfit – one that’s sufficiently elegant to suit the occasion, but one that’s also comfortable to wear during the whole day, which you may well spend entirely out of doors.
Above everything else, it needs to have style, and this is why we’re here to recommend two garments with unusual lines and uncommon beauty: Perla and Ines.


This proclaims itself immediately as a bringer of freedom, lightness, freshness and infinite softness.
It’s a loose-fitting tunic with mid-depth V-neck and three-quarter sleeves, featuring an oval line with a gusset on the side.
It has pockets, but you don’t see them because they are concealed in the side-seam.
An unusual touch is the design of the folds, which are visible but not too marked, created with a special material that allows the wavy effect to be maintained even after several washes.
Perla’s total white is in perfect harmony with its soft lines, falling gently over the figure.
Depending on the type of occasion, you can combine it with sober, low-heeled, leather sandals, as well as with heels.



This is the polo-shirt dress with mandarin collar, featuring elegant three-quarter sleeves and hidden pockets, just like those of Perla. So versatile that it can be created in various different materials, it reaches its most sublime form of expression in a silk-blend fabric, with a faux-pleated processing, to give that slightly happy-go-lucky air to the person wearing it.
The old rose ribbon-belt ties up the extreme lightness and softness of Ines, while a sober, flat gladiator sandal adds a stylistic note that’s unexpected but yet so appropriate.

Ines and Perla are shirts that turn into dresses, and are also a synthesis of gentleness and extremely sophisticated femininity; they are the choice for women who want to show off their more classy side delicately and discreetly.

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