Woman shirt: upcoming fall-winter trends


The emerging trends in women’s fashion show an innovative change.
Fashion reporter Kasia Borowicz talks to us about current trends for Xacus.
Women are now so calm and confident about their femininity that they can express it without flaunting it, taking inspiration from menswear trends and reworking them to create a truly unique, extremely eye-catching style. This season’s woman is all about bold charm, owning the masculine cuts that rather than revealing her curves, showcase her self-awareness.

The colour cream
Pale shades are on their way back and are making themselves known. The colour cream, together with white, beige and nude, is definitely one of the most popular shades for this season. Its delicate, elegant tones make it the ideal companion for any combination.

An evergreen returning to take its rightful place. Shirts are being reinterpreted with masculine cuts and therefore, in wide, abundant fits, gliding gently over the body, gently highlighting instead of revealing the shape. The effect is light and extremely soft, with white shirt always on pole.

The key word here is comfort, although of course, this goes hand in hand with style and elegance.
Oversized trousers are the trend for fall/winter 2016-2017.
On the street, in restaurants and in the theatre, we can see high-waisted palazzo pants, in silk, wide fitting with pockets. Elegant but always with a soft fit, and in eclectic animal prints or camo patterns.
They won’t go unnoticed and that is the aim.

Coats are back in style! Perfect for everyday wear as well as for elegant looks.
This season sees rubberised textures, where the coat meets varnish to create a brand new candy-effect feel. The shape is masculine and much, much simpler than the women’s models of past seasons.
The most fashionable look comes from woollen coats with special textures, while there is room for checked patterns for a sober, elegant look.
And under the coat? A well-tailored women’s shirt, especially if white, to create a difference that is a perfect foil for your outerwear.

The emerging style is a well-matched mix of past and present creativity that is already making its mark.

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