Women’s jeans and denim clothing: the trends for SS 2018


Jeans have continued to dominate fashion trends for a few seasons already, but this year the look is even bolder: total denim, from head to toe. To create an on-trend total look, the thing is to choose elegant items, with exclusive features and details that will add character to the end result. This is how we can create a look, choosing from a wide series of items with tough-looking, glamorous detailing, different styles of jeans, and denim shirts, and that’s without forgetting jackets, dresses, shoes and bags.

So how do we choose a denim shirt or other garment to create a total denim, on-trend outfit? First of all, it’s best to choose items in similar colours: indigo blue – typical of jeans – should be the same or as near as possible, for each item. If you want to find out more about how an indigo-dyed garment is made, then we recommend that you read the previous article, here.
Don’t forget that oversized volumes are as fashionable as denim at the moment. Go for wider or even exaggerated fits, worn with other, equally soft volumes. The real fashion-forward look comes from an asymmetry that adds effervescence to more serious, sober items.
If you’re choosing a pair of jeans, then the high rise is the most fashionable model, lengthening the figure. But for the right proportions, you should add a pair of heels and a short jacket.
A last tip: combine elegant with casual, choosing items with a refined cut and accessories that are both cool and contemporary. That means a green light for contrasts, such as a denim blazer with a pair of lace-up shoes.
The Natasha outfit is the perfect way to show off how jeans and shirt can follow lots of the trends we have just mentioned.
Asymmetrical style, oversized volumes and an indigo colour are the exclusive features of the Natasha shirt which on its own is able to embody three of the trends for the SS 2018 season. And that’s not all: this item also stands out for its collar, given an exclusive look by the strip of fabric that serves to create a soft knot to one side.
Natasha is worn here over a pair of bell-bottom jeans. The colour is slightly darker than the indigo of the shirt: another feature that makes this all-denim outfit such a cool choice.

 The total denim look is perfect for the coming season. Denim shirts and other items are the must-haves wardrobe essentials if you want to be bang on trend this season.

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