Women’s office shirts: three practical, trendy outfits


It’s not hard to dress for the office: there are lots of items that are now a must have and for those who work sitting at a desk, a shirt is one of them. But women’s shirts are not all the same and some more than others are better for the work environment.
We have chosen three elegant, comfy outfits for you, without forgetting that the cold season is around the corner and we need to layer up.

Giselle: traditional and trendy
The classic thing about this outfit is the combination: you can’t go wrong with a choice of white shirt and jeans. That’s why we can say this combination is the more classic of the three, even if, with Giselle, the look is totally on trend. Giselle is a tone-on-tone striped shirt with a characteristic comfy fit: the cut is soft and there is a drop hem at the back.
This gives us comfort, class and a style in keeping with the latest fashion trends: all in a single outfit.

Fiona: the cool look to keep you warm
If you love wearing pale shades, even in winter, then this outfit is sure to brighten up your day. Comfy white trousers with a Fiona check shirt that picks up the neutral shade. This Xacus shirt is made in warm flannel and can be worn on its own or with a black jacket to match the ankles boots in the same colour. Checks are another trend for this season and are perfect for the stand-out, but not exaggerated outfit: a vibrant touch for your style. The sporty-chic result is both elegant and casual.

Naomi means denim comfort
The large shirt is always the perfect choice on a cold day, since its length gives you a warmer, roomier fit. Naomi is a long, comfy shirt with pocket, big enough to be worn over a thick sweater. The important thing is to combine it with the blue of the shirt and therefore, black is perfect. The outfit we have here mixes the shirt with a sweater, a pair of trousers and a pair of ankle boots, all in black, for a cool, practical result from any point of view.

The women’s shirt is never a wrong choice for the office. All you need to do is choose the one that best suits your style, and wear it with practical, trendy clothing. To feel comfy without ever losing sight of the latest trends.

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