Women's shirt collars - part 1


A shirt has a highly versatile soul.
According to its collar-type, it takes on different styles, which could be casual or elegant, chic or sporty.
A shirt is composed of several parts, which, in turn, are offered in various versions. Speaking of which, we would recommend you read (if you haven’t already done so) our article on Shirt Anatomy, to find out all the details about this wonderful item of clothing.

If we look at women’s shirts, there are lots of types of collar around, from the most sober to the highly showy, and from the more elaborate to those with very essential lines.
What are these like and how are they different from one another?

We present here the daywear necklines.

This is the medium-width collar, characterized by square points that meet to form a medium-depth V-neck.

Usually comprising a single layer of fabric without a band, this collar is very low in height, and its points are sewn to a V-neck.

Pointed flat
Also known by the name “Bermuda”, this is the typical narrow collar which has squared ends at the centre.

Comprising one single piece, this can be worn closed or open, to give the outfit a more or less casual tone. When worn open, the lapels are created.

This is the most classic neckline, made up of two parts – the band and the turndown. The ends can be squared, rounded or pointed.

The name itself heralds a markedly oriental style and it is, in fact, also known as the “Chinese” or “Nehru” style. It’s a band collar with squared or rounded ends that come together at the front of the shirt but do not meet.

Rounded and close-fitting, this is normally used in round-necked T-shirts. It is generally decorated with a thin ribbed band, but can also be smooth, repeating the same fabric as that of the woman’s shirt.

Known everywhere as the “Dolcevita”, this is the neckline that is often folded down on itself, forming a double layer of fabric. It can be close-fitting or can be opened to become the so-called “Vulcano” neckline.

Are you keen to find out about the other types of women’s shirt-collars? Keep on following our blog. In the meantime, you can read our article on men’s collars.

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