Women's shirt collars - part 2


Chic, sporty, casual or vintage, a shirt changes its soul according to the collar it has.
We’ve already talked about collars for the daytime in our article which you can read here, and these are supplemented by collars more suited to evening occasions, being more romantic and elaborate.

Unusual and at times flamboyant, but always elegant – here are the evening-wear collars and their characteristics.

Peter Pan collar
Classy in style, this type of collar gives an unselfconscious air to the whole outfit.
It is close-fitting and with rounded points.

This is the rounded collar similar to the Peter Pan, but narrower. The fabric extends to cover part of the shoulders.

This is the collar with a small, stiff band and with pointed ends that fold outwards. Its name derives from the unusual shape of its points, reminiscent of wings.

The resemblance to a child’s bib is seen in its pattern. It’s usually offered in combination with a buttoned band, and has an oval or square shaped fabric application on the front of the shirt.
This “shawl collar” is so-called because its soft edges are extended and come together as they fall on the front of the neckline.

Two or more pieces of soft fabric surround the neck with a soft bow, giving elegance to the whole outfit. It’s made in the same material as the shirt, in lace or in silk.

The key feature of this is the ruffling sewn at the centre of the neckline, which falls in a cascade onto the shirt, decorating it with a vivacious touch.

Here, a strip of fabric encircles the neck, forming delightful ruffles that give the shirt a flavour of royalty.

Now that you’ve seen all the types of women’s collars, you can choose the one most in tune with your taste and style, and which is best suited to each occasion.



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