Women’s shirt sleeves – Part I


Women’s shirts can be classed according to their constituent parts.
We’ve already looked at the types of collar for day or evening, as well as at elegant, casual and even eccentric styles.
Now it’s time to take a look at all the different sleeves.
Here are some of the different features and types, with a mention of their specific styles.

A long, soft sleeve that gradually tapers down to the cuff, which is always worn buttoned for a sober look to suit many different occasions.

The name speaks for itself. This sleeve opens up to a “bell” at the end. It is also known as a “flared” sleeve, just like the ultra-fashionable trousers from the 70s, which came back in style during the mid 90s.

A long sleeve with a very comfy fit around the armhole – deep, wide and extended to the waist, creating the familiar “wing” shape when the arms are raised.

A full, short sleeve that is gathered around the armhole. It is ideal for those seeking a women’s shirt with a carefree feel. The puffed sleeve is also referred to as a “puff” sleeve.

Circular Cap
This lively short sleeve extends into a sort of “fluttering cap” to create a women’s shirt with a lively feel.

A simple model with an ultra-feminine look, where the fabric is layered on the outside to create a sinuous petal shape.

Drop Shoulder
For those seeking a cool, casual women’s shirt. The sleeve is an extension of the armhole, dropping softly over the shoulder.

Are you curious to see other types of women’s shirt sleeves?
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