Women’s shirt sleeves – Part III


And here we are at the final stage of our journey into the many different types of women’s shirt sleeve.
In the first and second part of this article, we came across sleeves with unforgettable names, chic, elegant styles and essential designs.
But there are still 7 more models to see, and each one has its own particular features.

Let’s take a look at them and the way in which they are made.

A cape sleeve leaves the wrist free, combining elegance and comfort in a women’s shirt that truly leaves a mark.

A wide, long or three-quarter-length sleeve, normally made with a vertical seam.

The extremely chic Marie sleeve is created with a series of puffed sleeves. It dates back hundreds of years and was in fact worn for the first time between 1620 and 1630.

A cascade of circular layers of fabric, falling one over the other. A model that definitely does not go unnoticed, as well as being perfect for those seeking a women’s shirt with a more eccentric style.

A soft, loose sleeve gathered in a series of seams on the collar and ending in a close-fitting cuff. There are two versions: three-quarter and full length.

A sleeve inspired by the fashions of the Italian renaissance. Long and tight fitting, with a puff from the shoulder to just above the elbow. Its unforgettable name was given in honour of Shakespeare’s heroine.

Leg of Mutton
The Leg of Mutton is a contrast in shapes. The upper part opens into a puff, closing gently over a tight-fitting sleeve from elbow to wrist.

A cool, soft sleeve that flares out into delightful drapes.

The sleeves used on women’s shirts are many and varied, meaning you will be totally spoiled for choice. They can satisfy a wide variety of tastes and a wealth of different styles.
Now that you too are an expert, the next time you go shopping you won’t have any doubts about what to choose.

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