Women's shirts and dresses: trends for spring/summer 2017


The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and nature is changing colour: it’s spring.
And as the seasons change, so do the fashions.
The classic chic white, military themes and dynamic deckchair stripes are three of the strongest trends of the moment, for a bright, light touch to spring and summer outfits.


Timeless and synonymous with elegance, white continues to play a strong role on the fashion scene. Presented in fil coupé, a special technique in which the threads connecting small jacquard patterns are cut to create a frayed look on the garment.
The white weaves of Rosita and Clara are a perfect example of this and a high reflection of Xacus style.
White has also been reworked and redesigned to keep its essence of elegance and here we have appliqué designs, such as the ones on the Iolanda scarf, that are truly sure to leave their mark.

Military theme

Military colours and themes can give a bold verve to a woman’s look, bringing out all of her femininity through contrasts and strictly masculine tones.
This is the case of Ines, a soft, garment-dyed, oversized military shirt from the new collection.
The “army” theme is also shown in another light, that of the details on the linen shirt, Filippa. The pocket embroidery and frogging turn a classic garment into a military chic shirt.

Deckchair stripes

Horizontal bars or vertical lines: summer wouldn’t be summer without stripes and their cool, bright style.
Great on oversized shirts and women’s dresses in linen, garments with a soft fit and light volumes that are all about the summer, like Sori, Elsa and Sheila.

What we are seeing, then, is a fashion season that is all about exploration and giving a new style to great classics; a spring/summer season with bold energy that is not part of any existing category, because it can glide seamlessly from one style to the next with a certain skilled elegance.


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