Women's shirts are star performers at White 2017


Yesterday saw the closure in Milan of White, one of the most important events of the year, where the 2017/18 women’s fall/winter collections were presented.
Taking part in the event were over 500 Italian and international brands showcasing their creations, their evolutions and their style leaps.

Xacus brought boldness and innovation to the show, presenting a range in which volumes, fabrics and geometries were revolutionized. Here are the women’s shirts and clothing items that were most appreciated by guests at this edition of White.

The striped mélange gilet that challenges classic lengths to be worn on top of a tunic, an overshirt or a dress. Made of wool, it’s ideal for creating lots of layering combinations with other clothing items.

The women’s silk shirt has a printed stripe with animal patterns, as in this case with a badger design. A decidedly elegant and sophisticated shirt thanks to the details at the neck and cuff framed by pleats. The predominant colours are black and white, perfect for combining with wide-legged woollen cropped trousers.

A check-pattern dress created in very lightweight wool and cotton, with three-quarter sleeves. This garment shows off the female form sparingly, falling softly and discreetly over the silhouette.

A white woman’s shirt is an all-time favourite suitable for any occasion – here, with unusual woollen patchwork on a Russian theme giving that gentle feeling of winter to the garment.
An elegant shirt, the outcome of a meeting between classic and traditional.

Many clothes in the collection stem from the desire to go one step further. They bring new features and evolve the concept of femininity and style, while always focusing on elegance and very high quality materials.

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