Women's shirts: stylish combinations


Here is the ideal women’s outfit for this period of the year. A perfect combination of comfort and style.

Xacus women’s shirts

Women are wearing the current trend, white; a simple, elegant shade for this poplin shirt. A mid-length shirt with a softer shape and batwing sleeves that leave the forearms bare, while the scooped neckline is reminiscent of the neck on classical shirts, but reinterpreted with a larger opening, almost like a boat neck in size.
The delicate manner in which it glides over the figure, together with the total white shade makes this a garment that is easy to match, as well as a cool item that will let your skin breathe without uncovering too much.

‘70s jeans

Pale, pastel blue jeans in line with the delicate nature of the colours used, showing another of this season’s trends, stripes, gently hinted at to add a bright, yet light touch of colour to any outfit.
Denim pants inspired by the unforgettable 70s, in a shape that flares out from the knee to mid leg, freeing calf and ankle.


To complete the outfit we can add a touch of classic style, with these brown leather loafers, timeless, simple and discreetly elegant.

So there it is. Carefully chosen, it takes just three key pieces to create a bold look combining classic, casual and on-trend items for the woman who wants to find style and comfort in every detail.

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