Women’s striped shirts perfect for Summer 2018


As we know, trends come and go but there are some things that never cease to be popular. We’re talking about stripes, the ultimate pattern to herald in the hot weather, the summer and the sea. Fashion dictates that they should be on trousers, jackets, T-shirts and swimsuits, but it’s on women’s shirts that stripes appear in all their elegant essence. The striped woman’s shirt interpreted by Xacus comes in many colours, from classic light and dark blue to fiery red, yellow and black, and is combined in lots of ways to give a classy, chic touch to your look and make you feel unique.

In its Spring-Summer collection of women’s shirts, Xacus proposes a vast choice of striped shirts, each one different in its details, fabric and shape. One that stands out is Camilla, a medium-length, straight-cut shirt buttoned up the whole length of the garment to end in a classic collar with pointed ends. And its distinguishing features? The puffed three-quarter sleeves, the varying lengths to slim down the hips and the broad white and dark blue stripes. All these details in combination give it a vivacious touch – both sensual and elegant at the same time.

In a more sober vein we have Fanny: this is the classic-cut women’s shirt, with length to low hip and long, soft sleeves tapered at the wrist. The texture on a light grey base and the thin white stripes make this shirt ideal for wearing in the office to give a fresh, professional look. Finally, there’s Renè, the bell-shaped sleeveless shirt characterized by alternating vertical white and light blue stripes. It’s the details that make the difference: the smocking on the front of the neckline makes this shirt perfect for any occasion, even the most dressed-down ones.

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