Women’s tunics by Xacus mean the new spring-summer season is here


Its origins date back to the times of the ancient Romans, and it was used as an “undershirt” in the Middle Ages. We are talking about the tunic – a soft-style shirt that stands out for its knee length and full-length sleeves. The fashion shirt range from Xacus, includes women’s tunics, the perfect mid-season wear when sunny days and milder temperatures alternate with light rain and cooler breezes. 

The Heidi large shirt is perfect for early spring. It has a very long style, linear shape and full-length classic button fastening that ends in a small, on-trend collar. There are details to make the difference: bold splits and concealed pockets on the sides, giving this shirt its sensual, elegant touch. Out of the fashion shirts in the collection for spring-summer 2018, the tunic can be used in lots of ways, such as with an oversized pair of trousers or flared pants and a pair of loafers, for a smart casual look.

The first blossom, effervescence in the air, the sunlight that warms your skin, and an unstoppable joie de vivre: the Heidi tunic encapsulates this mood, heralding the arrival of the warmer season, and inspiring the spring/summer collection by Xacus. The leitmotif of this fashion shirt capsule collection is the way it plays with light colours and pastel shades, such as white, yellow and sky blue, but also with the simplicity of natural beige, off-white and sage green solid colours, as well as the nautical charm of oversized stripes.

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