Xacus’ blog: your specially tailored space


We are experts in shirts. We know everything there is to know, down to the smallest detail. And we want to share what we have learned, discovered and understood. With you.

It’s always time to put on a shirt, and there are many variables to consider: the season, the occasion, your own personal style, the latest fashion trends, and other matching clothes and accessories. Shirts are what we get passionate about, and we know all about them. We have created this blog to give you advice and tips about the latest trends, so you can be sure of finding the right one for you. The ideal shirt.

Even if you are already expert fashionistas, we are sure this blog can be useful to you too. Styles are forever changing: new materials make their way onto the market and the opportunities to show off a shirt are endless.
This blog can give you the extra help you were looking for: a fresh new outlook from a young designer with thousands of creative ideas together with the skills and experience of an esteemed tailor, all available for you to consult whenever you need to.

Fashion enthusiasts or regular shirt wearers, now is the time for you to find out a bit more, to renew your style and get in with the latest trends so you can be sure of wearing the perfectly detailed shirt for every unique occasion.

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