Xacus chooses the craft tradition of the textile manufacturer Monti


Xacus chooses to support those who put their heart, experience and vision into their work everyday. This is true for the textile manufacturer Monti, a guarantee of Italian quality in the authentic, fine shirt fabric sector.

This brand has its roots in the second half of the nineteenth century, when shirt fabrics were still the result of the artisanal working of hemp and cotton. Giorgio Monti produced his first handcrafted fabrics at Varago of Maserada, near Treviso, on a handloom. A wealth of knowledge and innovation was passed on to the brothers Evaristo, Venerio and Bruno, who at the beginning of the twentieth century decided to expand and go more industrial. Over time they grew into one of the most important reference points for the Italian shirt making industry’s textile sector. Over the years they improved their techniques in response to the growing demands of the market but they never lost sight of the loom, the instrument with which it all began. Continuously on the lookout for innovations, Monti textiles mean experience and quality.

The best natural raw materials are chosen by Tessitura Monti and remain intact in the various manufacturing phases of shirt fabrics, from over-check and tartan weft to precious Egyptian cotton and special yarns such as bouclè to embellish linen and cottons or twisted cotton for the realization of lightweight knits.

Monti’s strength can be seen in the choice of shirt fabrics on offer, from the bright colours of the Tropical Paradise collection to the more subtle hues of the Creamy line and the exceptional colourways of Xacus shirts.

Xacus’s competence can be witnessed on a daily basis in their decision to rely on companies that, like Monti, are consistent, dedicated and committed – key elements of skilful craftsmanship, which together with experience and tradition have been handed down from generation to generation.

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