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Interview with Mario Bonamigo, founder and CEO of the Searsland store


Mario Bonamigo, international style icon, found on the pages of all the glossy fashion magazines, and the heart and soul of the Searsland boutique in Bassano del Grappa, tells us about his vision of elegance through the items that he considers absolute wardrobe essentials.
A concept store that turns out to be an authentic visual experience and also an important port of call if you are looking for Italian menswear with a rugged attitude. The style choices of a bold opinion leader such as Mario Bonamigo are always of great interest to the industry’s stakeholders. Let’s go through the selection process and aesthetic approach together, to see how they take shape in terms of the care and attention that goes into the shop space, as well as the careful choice of items with a strong heritage on display inside the store itself.


What are the aesthetic principles you follow when making your selection for Searsland?
Rather than aesthetic principles, as ever, I continue to go with my instinct, with how I feel. I also keep my customers’ requests in mind. I NEVER buy anything I wouldn’t wear myself.

Which trends were most successful with your customers last season and how do you think the coming fashions have changed?
Overshirts have definitely been a great success, together with more comfortable clothing. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that a unique style is something we should all have if we don’t want to blend in and get lost in the crowd.

What do you think is the most interesting thing about today’s men’s fashions?
I believe, after many years, that more elegant, chic clothing choices will be making a comeback. A man with a jacket and overcoat - certainly with softer lines - definitely creates a more charming impression. At least that's what I think and therefore, we are going to be opening another store - also in Bassano - where we will be selling the type of men’s clothing that we seem to have lost over the last few years.

What’s the item you could never go without? Why?
I could NEVER be without a pair of jeans. I’d say I've been a jeans enthusiast since birth. They’re just like a second skin to me. Buying them raw (dark) and seeing them change colour and appearance as time goes by,changing as you wear them, that's what I love best about jeans.

How would you define Xacus? 
Xacus represents the world of shirts, ever changing in terms of style, fabrics, and models.

Why do you think that a Xacus shirt is different from the rest?
Because it’s a quality shirt that gives you excellent style and value for money.

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