Xacus’s passion for Albini noble shirt fabrics


What unites Xacus and the Albini Group? The love of Italian artisanal shirt making and  dedication to fine fabrics. In fact, Xacus has for many years relied on the best Italian partners in order to realize cutting-edge original shirts. And the Albini Group is one of these partners: founded in 1876 at Albino, in the province of Bergamo, this family business is now run by the fifth generation, represented by Fabio, Andrea and Stefano Albini who have inherited the legacy of the extraordinary Silvio Albini, who was decorated for his services to industry.

Thanks to their creativity and continuous investment in research and innovation, Albini is more than just a company because it embodies so perfectly the role of trend-setter in Italian and international shirt making. Cotonificio Albini uses the best raw materials in the world to produce fabrics for shirts such as the precious Egyptian cottons Giza45 and Giza87, the Californian Superior Pima and Sea Island, one of the most ancient varieties in the world, or Normandy linen. High quality is guaranteed by the careful choice of yarns, use of the most modern machinery and thorough checks at every phase of the production process, from dyeing to finishing make Albini the Italian shirt makers par excellence.

Albini’s experience translates into an extremely varied range of fabrics in rich vibrant colours, which Xacus adopts for its collections: from the three-dimensionality and dynamism of canvas with the extraordinary strength and definition of the double twisted threads, to the soft poplins realized with double the number of warp threads as weft threads, and highly elastic and comfortable fabrics without synthetic components thanks to innovative treatments. The Albini range of fabrics for shirts also includes voile, muslin and the finest of linens made with lightweight yarns, ideal for summer shirts. 

Xacus and Albini have decided to celebrate their strong and long partnership with 200-yrs: a limited edition shirt made of fine Sea Island cotton. The continuous search for fine fabrics for shirts is reflected in this noble shirt, demonstrating Xacus’ love for and dedication to traditional quality Italian shirt making.

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