Xacus shirts: Best Editorials April 2018


Xacus shirts feature prominently on the pages of some of the main glossy magazines. We look back over the month of April and flick through the magazines that have talked about them.

Summer shirts: a triumph of colours and patterns

The press reviews see as star players short-sleeved summer shirts with soft, destructured bowling collar, harking immediately back to a 1950s look. Soft shapes, an informal attitude and tropical prints take centre stage in La Repubblica’s “DLui” and in Sportweek.

The Riviera capsule collection with its broad pastel stripes on a white background are the proposal from Gentlemen for an informal outfit that combines a cotton poplin Xacus shirt with spread collar and a short nylon vest under a cotton jacket.

The modern dandy

Optical prints are the main feature of the outfit shown in The Good Life, the magazine dedicated to business & lifestyle. Contrasting with them, in the same magazine, is a white Xacus shirt on a patterned micro-checked suit. In Vanity Fair Matteo Martari, the actor who appeared in the 2014 movie “The Complexity of Happiness”, wears a flowered cotton shirt showing beneath a white knitted blazer. On the other hand, Style Magazine presents a stylish man in tuxedo and white shirt, or a more ethereal type with short denim jacket and jacket over one of the white Xacus shirts.

Women wear Xacus

Lastly, in Vogue Italia we find an elegant woman in cotton shirt under a trench-coat in dark colours, while in Marie Claire Indonesia , there’s a shirt in a floral pattern on a pastel yellow background. Again in yellow, but this time striped, is the shirt chosen by Lampoon Italia which also proposes blue stripes for the Xacus shirts worn by the female models.

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