Xacus shirts meet the casual style of Robert Storey for L’Officiel Hommes


Robert Storey is the second artist chosen by L’Officiel Hommes for the project to spotlight Xacus Shirts reinterpreted according to one’s own way of beingy. After founding an architectural, interior and graphic design firm in 2009, the young English set designer was able to make a name for himself with the big fashion labels, such as Hermès, Kenzo, Stella McCartney, Chloè, Louis Vuitton and Versace. More than once, Storey has been nominated by the Business of Fashion as one of the top ten creatives in New York to shape the future of fashion, thanks to his refreshing aesthetic.

Paradoxically, he expresses his super-bold artistic vision in a completely different way when it comes to his clothes. Storey is in fact passionate about vintage clothes and when he is at work, he prefers well-designed, already lived-in suits that are not too precious to make him feel at ease. And when he’s away from the office, he likes to wear shirts because their versatility means they can be dressed up or down according to the rest of the outfit. His choice of Xacus shirts in the shots taken for the magazine show a style that is both comfy and casual but not commonplace, because “elegance is a question of attitude”.

In one shot, we see him in a white slim fit stretch cotton shirt and in another, a velvet jumbo cord shirt in green. And in both outfits, he wears the shirt with nonchalance, like a jacket over a simple tee, with a pair of black cargos or dark jeans. But the personal touch comes from the way he has chosen to interpret them: fully unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up to just under the forearm, with an attitude that says relaxed, simple, and natural style.


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