Xacus & the City: London and a light blue shirt for that very Brit look.


London, crossroads for culture, traditions, customs and of course, dress. London is the very emblem of the European melting pot, the place where new ideas and new trends are born. Just take a walk down its streets and you’ll see just how much variety, and how many weird and wonderful styles there are, as well as how they all pass by, unnoticed, in a great big blend. A frenetic, tireless city, that only stops for a cup of afternoon tea at 5 p.m. On the dot, where clothes make the person and the label is what counts.

Although Londoners can be cosmopolitan and open minded, the traditions of the monarchy are strict and there are few exceptions, above all as far as elegance and sobriety are concerned.


Do you have a business meeting for a tea at the Ritz? Go for black, a colour that will take you anywhere, paired with a light blue shirt for a balanced look. Simple, sober elegance and stylish pairings are the perfect answer when it comes to communicating professionalism and reliability.

Do you want to stand out for your Brit style at a meeting? The must-haves for this season are tartan or tweed suits, English-style derby lace-ups with brogue punch designs and a matching duffel coat with hood. We are thinking about a suit with microchecks or houndstooth pattern in dark grey or blue, with this fantastic reinforced weave light blue Travel shirt in Thomas Mason wrinkle-free fabric, with a cutaway collar. Perfect with a dark blue tie and for a look that will keep you crease free from morning to night.


Business dinner or an evening’s fun? If you want to move stylishly through the drizzle and the metropolitan bustle, we can recommend a nice Prince of Wales check suit, with coordinated waistcoat, and a blue and white striped shirt, like this elegant stretch light blue poplin shirt by Albini, with small cutaway collar. Perfect for arefined, elegant look.

And remember, that the authentic British gentleman, dresses like a character in a  Guy Ritchie movie, impeccable even when all the world around is in flames. Let yourself get inspired by the fabrics and colours of pure English style for a sophisticated, stand-out look.


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