Xacus women's shirts take the stage at WHITE, Milan


Third and last day of WHITE, the prestigious international showcase for contemporary fashion, where creativity, accessibility, and research merge together to create a highly stimulating, ultra-creative event.

In the company of niche brands and big names in Italian fashions, at Xacus we wanted to stand out with a spring/summer 2018 collection for women that would embrace a wide range of styles and trends.

The concept is interweaving, fusion, an intense journey from the metropolitan through to the rustic.
It can be seen in the long gauze linen kaftan that is ideal for wearing to work, as well as the pale blue Oxford shirt with a masculine cut, which can be belted with a sash for a day on the beach.

Light weights and simple styles can be experienced first-hand in the swirls of gauze fabric, the large patterns of the linen shirts, the maxi jacquards and the matting-effect fabrics. And to these we have added printed geometric designs on crisp cottons and undulating viscose fabrics with bright prints.

The fil coupé on the women’s shirts is enhanced by gold and silver threads that come together to enhance the plated effect of the prints and the enamel buttons.

The incredible softness of silk meets with floral bouquets in a bright, typically summer palette, including emerald green, lemon yellow and turquoise.
The summer season is all about earthy colours, expressed on interesting fabrics such as shantung. This extremely precious raw silk is softened with an enzyme wash and is available in different variations.
The women’s shirts for spring/summer 2018 are a perfect link between different directions in style, all of which lead to the same destination: sophisticated elegance.

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