Zephyr: summer in a shirt


The thermometer’s going up and up and the sun’s making itself felt more and more every day. Our wardrobes are becoming lightweight and we’re shedding our heavy clothes.
For spring and summer, one of the most popular fabrics for women’s and men’s shirts is undoubtedly Zephyr.

The name itself is an indication of its unmistakeable fresh character, just like the Zephyr wind, lightening the air as it blows with its cool breeze.
Its character is expressed to the full in the summer shirt: it’s a very lightweight and breathable shirt fabric, comprising both cotton and linen mix - another material that’s highly suitable for the warm season.
The main features of the weave are its double twist yarns (in which the yarns are twisted around each other two by two), making the fabric perfect for warm, sunny days. The warp yarns (those set horizontally on the loom) are closer together compared with those of the weft (which weave the fabric vertically), and this is why garments in Zephyr often have checked patterns.
Zephyr shirting fabric is produced by the major textile manufacturers, including the Albini, Monti, Testa and Canclini firms.

Zephyr offers you the experience of maximum comfort, thanks to the soft drape of the fabric over the body and to its coolness, which it can guarantee even at high temperatures. It’s like a perfectly soft, second skin.

Spring and summer are two wonderful seasons: wear them with style and lightness.


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