Merino Shirt

This shirt is the result of a prestigious collaboration with Reda,
masters in working with wool, Made in Italy, since 1865.
Merino Shirt

The innovative no-iron shirt in merino wool, with Reda.

Merino-shirt, made in conjunction with the prestigious Reda woollen mill, is breathable, odourless and has heat-regulating qualities, marking another step forward in the evolution of no-iron shirts. Made with 100% extra-fine merino wool, the Merino-shirt is an example of sustainable production, thanks to its innovative production cycle.

The merino wool used to make Merino-shirts

This wool is guaranteed by ZQ Merino certification and can be classified as “ethical”, because it is selected and produced using sustainably managed environmental, economic, and social resources, safeguarding the wellness of people and animals.

In the sheep farms that flourish on New Zealand’s hillsides, livestock grazes freely and is humanely treated, well fed, allowed to live naturally, and never undergoes the painful practice of mulesing.

These conditions guarantee excellent quality wool with assured maximum fibre performance in terms of heat regulation and fabric softness.

The ZQ natural fibre can be traced right back to the farm where it was mixed, meaning its integrity is guaranteed and we can track our products back directly to the people who make them.

Our way of guaranteeing the authenticity of our wool and tracing its origin and destination.

Sustainable fashion and social responsibility.

All farmers who supply merino wool create a Farm Environmental Plan (FEP) to manage the impact generated by their property, since every farm is different.

Many farmers have their own environmental project and are careful to safeguard the natural countryside they call home. For some, this means planting native species of trees, protecting a local eel species, or guaranteeing that a lake or water course is clean enough to drink.

Sustainable agriculture is closely linked to the health and well-being of our farmers, their families, and the local community. The ZQ programme promotes the safety of those who live and work on farms or who simply visit them, and they promote increased health and safety in the workplace, fair remuneration, and access to a stable income through forward contract models.

With its Merino-shirt range, Xacus continues to follow a path that focuses on sustainable fashion, creating genuine technological innovation and excellent performance, in true Italian style, through partnerships with important companies such as Reda.

Xacus Greenpea Partner