My Concept

Discover the universe
of made to measure
shirts through the
My Concept program

Featuring single needle stitching, the My Concept shirt can be customized.
Each collar is different for height, shape and weight and becomes exclusive and unique creation.

12 elegant collar designs, physically recreated and ready to be selected by the client.
My Concept give the possibility to choose among 150 textile different in terms of type, design and colour.

Thomas Mason selections are also available in the made to measure program.

The customer can choose
additional customized details

You can choose embroidered initials or monograms of different nature such flags or zodiac signs.
The customer can choose hand-sewn pocket handkerchiefs to match the shirt or even change the internal design of cuffs and collars.
And finally apply stylish Australian mother-of-Pearl buttons or individually engraved with the customer’s name and surname.