Our history

Xacus was founded in 1956 in San Vito di Leguzzano,
which is just outside Vicenza, by Alberto Xoccato, 

who was a creative and visionary craftsman and member
of one of Veneto’s oldest families. And it was here that

he embarked on a journey of style and happy entrepreneurial tradition: interpreting, with the knowledgeable hands
of ten expert dress makers from the area, the noble
men’s shirt-making art for several years.
Xacus inaugurated its first technical industrial laboratory.
And while it continued to preserve the product’s original sartorial characteristics, it now began the transformation from an artisan workshop into one of the region’s most rapidly growing fashion companies which resulted in the exponential and significant expansion of its distribution network by the end of the decade.
Following further growth and consolidation, in the 80s the founder’s two sons, Giorgio and Paolo Xoccato joined Xacus. And so began a second phase of rapid production and commercial growth.
And after achieving substantial success domestically in the Italian market, Xacus began to expand internationally - first to North America and then to key markets throughout the world.
Now firmly established as brand specializing in innovation, quality and customer service; and in order to meet the growing demands of the marketplace,
Xacus completely revamped its production and logistics capabilities to accommodate its latest endeavor of launching over 50 corners and “shop in shop” within some of its best Italian and foreign retail clients.
Xacus further expanded activities starting a number of special shirt-making production relationships with some of the most prestigious Made In Italy brands; which remains an integral
and qualifying part of the company activities to the present day.
Xacus launched its e-commerce. The web platform
is an essential tool today to enhance the brand value
and exposure on a global scale.
At the end of the year, Xacus launched its Women’s line implementing its tradition of quality and expertise
to design and produce a modern collection of stylish
and refined femininity: truly unique to the marketplace
and thus expanding its growth potential even further.
Now celebrating its 60th birthday, Xacus is a world leader in the men’s shirt sector with a distinguished international presence. In 2016 the company plans to start its retail project with the opening of the first flagship store in Milan.

Remaining firmly rooted in its tailoring tradition, the company has retained and enhanced its distinct product characteristics to create a brand legacy synonymous with unique style, exclusive details, premium materials and precision accuracy throughout each phase of development from the initial design concept to final production.
Since 1956, the basic principles of the Xacus
philosophy have been quality, extensive research,
innovation, with respect for both client
and market and unparalleled service. these
are the fundamental values that have never
been forgotten.