The Journey collection: the evolution of non-iron shirts takes centre stage in the June best editorials


June is a month embracing a wide range of ideas and creative suggestions in the best national and international fashion magazines, for the man who makes style his watchword.

The classic and the sporty blend together and balance each other out in the casual, seductive look proposed by Doppio Gioco: here, the brightness of a twill shirt is matched with brown trousers in cool wool and an enveloping jacket in soft suede. To complete the contemporary look, with its obvious country influences, there’s a leather belt to give the whole outfit the right touch of elegance.

We keep our imagination focused on the evocative world of the wild west in the pages of Style Magazine, which once again chooses twill, but also the casual-chic appearance of linen, as well as the usual fabrics for men’s shirts, with accompanying bomber jackets and strictly denim trousers.

Let’s move on now to the world of the true gentleman with the myriad combinations proposed by The Good Life. The versatility and extreme elegance of the white shirt becomes the linking element for suits that are classic to a certain extent, in various colour shades and offered either in plain colour versions or with patterns having just the right mix of stripes and checks. Double-breasted jackets, raincoats, trench coats and carefully-selected accessories such as watches and hats, are those details that can make the difference. Faded linen and cotton shirts are the most common choices in these outfits fit for a prince.

Creativity and imagination in their pure state contribute to the men’s outfits proposed by Vanity Fair, a real triumph of shirts with prints, colours and patterns cleverly matched to give a unique mix that’s quite out of the ordinary.

Not to be neglected, in this summer editorial review, is a reference to the central core of publications that put Xacus at the focus of attention, especially with its new collection The Journey Collection, presented at Pitti Uomo.

Corriere fiorentino, Il resto del Carlino, La Repubblica weekend, Il Messaggero, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere della sera, Il Sole 24 ore (Moda 24), MF Fashion, GQ, Fashion, Il Giornale, D La Repubblica, Pambianco News and Tutto sport: all the main Italian newspapers talked about the Xacus collection divided into the three strands - Active, Merino and Travel – that combine the great comfort and great performance of the easy-care shirt. This is the perfect evolution of the non-iron shirt, offering timeless elegance and ideal for any type of occasion, from more business-oriented ones to more casual and informal events.