An event in the heart of Brera provided the setting for the opening of the new Xacus store at Via Solferino 8, aimed at all clients who want the full Xacus experience and to get a first-hand feel of the quality, materials and details that make a Xacus shirt stand out from the many, many products available on a marketplace that is now too vast to give any value to individual personalities.

This is the basic idea behind a place that Giorgio and Paolo Xoccato have wanted to establish in Milan - the heart of Italian fashion and major crossroads for meetings and exchanges between professionals in the industry - to showcase their values through the elegance and quality craftsmanship of a brand that offers a bespoke shopping experience. A familiar place, where customers are welcomed and made to feel perfectly at home, with characteristic design elements that are revealed to every individual in a mix of subjective perceptions, giving the design and aesthetics of the location, curated by Matias Sagaria, a conceptual, almost therapeutic value for anyone lucky enough to enter. The event, polished in every detail, was attended by the most important representatives from the world of buyers and the Italian press, who were able to see the completion of the work by Simone Brillarelli, the first of the protagonists in the project “The Art Of Becoming”.

In front of the public, Brillarelli completed his work “Radici” on a 2x2 canvas, on which he chose to represent one of the most deep-rooted values of Italian culture, the family. But not in a traditional version, however, rather it was a single representation of a group of individuals who combine their know-how and unique personalities to add value to the Xacus universe, each and every day. This is where you will find the peak of his expression, the first chapter in the project “The Art Of Becoming” by Xacus, which paves the way for other eclectic personalities who will give their own unique, free interpretation of a brand that works constantly on the evolution of classic style, while respecting its very nature.
Consistency and dedication to the concept of craftsmanship at all costs, even when it comes to the taste experience devised and developed by Roberto Valbuzzi - the face of TV programme “Cortesia per gli Ospiti” - who prepared  gastronomic delights with sartorial attention to detail, in an exclusive space, where great taste and great beauty merge seamlessly in a unique dimension.

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