Xacus opens a new flagship store in Milan in the heart of the Brera Fashion District


There is great anticipation for the October 6 grand opening of Xacus' new flagship store in Milan, in the heart of Italy's fashion capital. The boutique showcases all Xacus’ values - from artisan attention to detail to the innovative vision of a style defined by contemporary elegance. It was designed by architect Matias Sagaria with offices in Milan and New York. The architect managed award-winning hospitality projects for brands such as Mandarin Oriental, Park Hyatt, Rosewood and Freehand Hotels, as well as high-end retail spaces, restaurants and residential developments in the USA, Europe and Asia.

And it is no coincidence that Xacus - a brand that holds the history and experiences of all the companies that participate in reaching its level of excellence in its lines and fabrics - has chosen to rely on a visionary like Sagaria who "BELIEVES FIRMLY IN THE TUMULTULOUS POWER OF DREAMS AND WELL-TOLD STORIES" as he says.


The historical building in Via Solferino 6, designed by Vico Magistretti - an icon of industrial design- A is already full of intrinsic value and strengthens the company's bond with Made in Italy, an ambassador of savoir-faire around the world.

In a continuous connection between tradition and innovation, Sagaria chose materials from our country, in a sophisticated mix of warm wood and cold metal.
A game of layers based on conceptual and geometrical interpretations that change according to the experience and subjective vision, at the discovery of details that will become part of the personal memory of every consumer.

And there is more: a hidden dressing room is the result of unexpected creativity, becoming an intimate corner with attention to detail where to experience maximum comfort.

"We have long thought about and wished this store," stated Giorgio and Paolo Xoccato. "We did not want it to be just a mere product display but to tell our story and be an active part of a city that we have always considered a second home. The concept that starts from the merging of tradition and contemporaneity, craftsmanship and technology, speaks of our approach to the fashion world of shirts and fashion overall. Pivotal to the project was without a doubt the interpretation of our corporate values, but also the need and wish to convey them to the consumers, making their shopping experience personal and personalised."


A true creative hub where the Xacus consumers, curious, eclectic and open to an international culture, will have the opportunity to explore art in the making in "The art Of Becoming" project that features seven artists followed and described in the evolutionary process of their performance. A theme close to the heart of the leading luxury shirts company because of its similarity with the process of design, creation and genesis of a garment that takes shape exactly like a work of art.

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