The very first shirt that helps to protect you against viruses and bacteria, thanks to its exclusive fabric, treated with Viroformula™.

X-Care is the shirt that prevents the proliferation of germs and microbes by destroying them in just a few minutes.
X-CARE is the shirt that takes care of those who wear them, keeping them healthy as it is made using a technology applied to the fabrics that can eliminate germs and microbes. There is a path of unique research behind the project, that was able to combine top performance with the unmistakeable elegance of Xacus to create cutting-edge shirts from every point of view, including style and technical input.
The specific ISO18184, ISO20743 and AATCC 100 tests that assess antiviral and antibacterial characteristics in textile products were positive, thus certifying the efficacy of the active principles.
The garments produced using X-care technology provide greater protection for those wearing them on working days, right up to returning home. The applied technology lasts for up to 30 washes, without altering the garment’s physical characteristics. Download reports >
X-CARE is another step forward to building a better, brighter future for people and the environment, together with our loyal customers.