Online Service is Xacus’s answer to its clients, in order
 to guarantee a never out of stock service.
 A unique instrument, developed to meet the real needs of each customer and to optimize the level of assortment in the shop.

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A fine selection of 300 articles,
divided into different collars and
fits that guarantee an immediate
answer in terms of choice and
quality to the final client.
Subscribe for the access at the “Buyers” section on www.xacus.com and you will have the possibility to order directly the quantity desired with
a next day shipping. The portal will give you the possibility
to check in real
time the quantity available in our stock,
the prices and
 technical details of each model.
On line service is available
7 days a week and 24 hours
a day through the web.
It will be possible to access
 at two different warehouses: Online Service, which is dedicated to the always on stock program, and Seasonal Service, 
an area dedicated to seasonal articles with a limited period of availability.